Pomegranates semiautomatic line

Semi-automatic line for pomegranate processing, with a capacity of about 1500 kg / h.

The complete line includes a first washing and product loading line, with the belt elevator cod. 4281.

The second line is the shelling one: it takes place by means of the stainless steel sheller cod. 4271. It is a special machine, with 1.5kw electric motor, aluminum rollers with fixed spacing, loading hopper with dosing screw and net with special drilling for peel and arils separation. The sheller is positioned on a stainless steel support equipped with an unloading hopper our code 4278

In addition to being able to perform this operation manually (not recommended for the qualitative purposes of the final product), two alternative solutions can be used to transfer the arils inside the pulper:

1) a volumetric pump equipped with a loading hopper and automatic level sensors. This machinery is installed under the collection tank of the sheller and automatically transfers the arils inside the pulper

2) a screw elevator equipped with a loading hopper. This machine is already equipped with a support hopper for the sheller (code 4278 is not necessary). It is a simple and economic solution, but it has the limitation that in handling it can damage a part of the arils by breaking the inner seed.

The DELTA ZERO – DELTA 1 destoner allows complete separation of the juice and pulp from the inner seed. The juice that comes out of the machine can be used as it is (therefore it is sufficient to install the automatic collection tank to transfer it to a storage tank), or it can be further filtered by installing the ROTOFILTER machine which follows a separation of 0.3mm between juice and clean pulp (it is a non-waste product, but usable for jams, jams ..).

In addition to the storage tanks, Enoitalia can supply the subsequent machinery for pasteurizing and packaging the juice.


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