Jolly 40 Reverse

Centrifugal destemmer-crusher ideal for small quality wineries, with manual harvesting. Completely in stainless steel, without centrifugal transfer pump. The machine is equipped with a stainless steel centrifugal destemming basket with antitearing treatment. The basket is equipped with a stainless steel drag system.

Soft pressing takes place with adjustable and excludable rubber rollers. The destemmer shaft is supplied as standard with rubbercoated blades, or in the version with adjustable double helix rubber cylinders.

The machine is equipped with two independent motors.
The destemming speed is regulated by an electronic inverter. The crushing unit and the collection tank are powered by a gear motor.
The machine is designed for the installation of a collection tank with double lateral connection and central homogenization screw.

As an alternative to the collection tank, any type of pump with loading hopper can be installed, such as our elliptical rotor, single screw, peristaltic pumps.

For cleaning operations, the machine can be completely opened centrally, with the possibility of extracting both the tree and the destemming basket.
The roller assembly and the collection tank are completely removable.

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