Motorized Collection

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MOTORIZED COLLECTION: this solution is designed to be installed under the fruit mill M100 to move the pulp directly in a press. It is composed by a motorized collection tank installed on wheels and a volumetric pump EURO 40 installed on a trolley. The panel control installed on the pump allows the simultaneous start/stop of both machines.

Available models:

  • Self-priming pump with motorized loading hopper
  • Motorized tank withh Euro40 pump and automatic operating probes

Standard features:

• EURO 40 pump with rotation inverter
• Motorized tank with engine from 0,37kw
• Connection DIN 40
• Stainless steel trolley

Model Engine HP (Kw) Hopper dimension Capacity Dimension
992 hp 2,5 kw 1,87 MF/TF 24x32x37 2000 Kg / h 96x90x62
9928 hp 2,5 kw 1,87 TF 24x32x37 2000 Kg / h 52x120x93
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