Filling Bag In Box BB20

The BB20 bag in box filler was born from the study of the needs of wineries, giving an optimal response to the requests of: SIMPLICITY, PRECISION, HYGIENE, SIZE.

SIMPLICITY: the machine automatically carries out the filling cycle: empty; filling; arrest; nitrogen injection. The operator selects the format and operates the extraction and insertion pliers of the cap, following the progress of the various phases on the display. The format change is immediate: it only needs to type the desired capacity. The possibility to choose between different types of flow sensors ensures optimal use of the machinery on applications such as: WINE, FRUIT JUICES, OIL, ICE CREAMS, CREAMS, ETC. Filling can be carried out at room temperature or hot up to 100 ° C. In this case, specific accessories are provided for connecting the filler to the pasteurisers: storage and concentration tanks with level probes; bag inlet temperature control kit (see fruit / filler processing section). Self-priming volumetric pumps with rubber impeller are installed as standard: high flow rate; possibility to prime from any container; steady flow; anti-pressure by-pass valve; total drain valve for emptying the filling circuit.
PRECISION: the electronic panel allows the control and management of all the filling phases, guaranteeing a repeatability of the volumes filled with an error of ± 5cl. Possibility to carry out 3 different types of AUTOTUNING regulation, macro error (pulses / liter), micro error (addition or subtraction of the centiliters).

HYGIENE: use of a drip-free filling valve; complete emptying of the pipes by means of a drain valve located on the pump; washing CIP circuit with stainless steel tap; preset programs for sanitizing with detergents or for sanitizing with steam 110 ° C (requires the appropriate kit for high temperatures). On request possibility to install 10 ”or 30” housing filters or predisposition for connection to housing filters external to the machinery.

COMPONENTS: the machine contains all the components necessary for operation: self-priming electric pump of 4500lt / h, silenced oiless compressor, flow sensor of various types. The electrical connection is sufficient for operation. In addition, the use of the self-priming pump and the frame on wheels allow it to be installed in any environment, even far from the storage tanks for the liquid to be filled.

OTHER ADVANTAGES: structure and mechanical components completely in AISI 304 stainless steel; filling head height adjustment with external handwheel; head block during filling; possibility to request adapters for countless types of caps and bags (PUOCH, BERKER, QCS, QCD, etc.); inclined stainless steel top to facilitate sanitizing and handling of the bags; multilingual display (Italian, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Croatian); support surface for height-adjustable cardboard boxes; adjustable adapter for inserting bags inside the boxes; horizontal transport frame; immediate assistance in 24 / 48h.



• PLC panel control touch screen type, multilanguage multiprogram
• Electromagnetic sensor Burkert type, for cold liquid (like wine / water)
• Vacuum and Nitrogen system
• Automatic air piston for blocking the filling head
• Impeller pump HP 1,5with by-pass, model EURO 30, capacity 4500 lt/h
• Silenced air compressor hp 1,5 oiless
• Double start switch
• Capacity filler Bag in Box, Pouch, Cheertainer since 1 liter up to 30 liter
• Semiautomatic hand-wheel for adjust the filling head’s height
• Pincer tool for open and close taps. VITOP standard (other on demand)
• Stainless steel desk with 4 wheel
• Adjustable support for cartoon
• S/s fitting for cleaning circuit (CIP). Automatic program fo cleaning
• Total drain valve install on pump body
• Pipe in rubber
• Fitting connection Triclover 1,5”


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