Progressive cavity pumps with hopper

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Mono pump with hopper made in stainless steel AISI 304. The transfer of the liquid is through the action of the stainless steel rotor inside the rubber stator. The delicacy with which you get the ideal transfer allows to use the pump with whole grapes, de-stemmed and fermented grapes. Very indicated in the presence of high amounts of liquid. Pressure reached (6 bar) allows high prevalence. Standard on all models panel control with level sensors for automatic operation and arrest in the absence of liquid.



Engine Hp (kw) Hourly production Speed Connection Dimension Hopper height Weight
GAMMA M120 4 (3) 10000 Kg / h 200 rpm DIN 100 1750x800x800 mm 420 mm 180 Kg


5,5 (4) 15000-Kg / h 144 rpm DIN 100 1750x800x800 mm 450 mm 245 Kg
GAMMA M200 5,5 (4) 20000 Kg / h 144 rpm DIN 100 2030x1025x925 mm 450 mm 250 Kg
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