Filling Bag In Box BB12

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SIMPLICITY: Machine completely built in stainless steel with adjustable and excludable support surface. It is equipped with 4 adjustable feet for installation on a support desk (a stainless steel trolley can be supplied on request). It does not require any pneumatic supply (except in the case of optional vacuum system). It is the ideal solution for companies with small annual production volumes. The filling cycle is performed automatically: Start, Fill; Stop. The operator selects the format and maneuvers the extraction and insertion pliers of the cap, following the progress of the filling on the display. The control panel controls the switching on and off of an external pump (the combination is available with both ENOS 20 centrifugal pump and EURO 20 volumetric pump). A pulser valve allows manual injection of inert gas at the end of the cycle. The vacuum function is available as an option, and requires connection to a 6 bar pneumatic circuit. The possibility to choose between different types of flow sensors ensures optimal use of the machinery on applications such as: WINE, OIL, FRUIT JUICES (non-viscous filtrates). Possible use on hot liquids.

PRECISION: The electronic panel allows the calibration of the instrument with a repeatability of the volumes filled with an error of ± 5 / 10cl (depends on the instrument used).

HYGIENE: Use of full-closing drip-free filling valve; complete emptying of the pipes with easily openable sanitary clamp fittings; washing CIP circuit with tap supplied. Possibility to perform 110 ° C steam sterilization using the appropriate high temperature kit.


OTHER ADVANTAGES: tilting and removable support surface with the possibility of filling rigid containers (for example PET, aluminum, glass) both rectangular and circular (maximum diameter 85mm); possibility to request adapters for countless types of caps and bags (PUOCH, BERKER, QCS, QCD, etc.); possibility of connecting any type of single-phase external pump (compatible with the capacity of the flow sensor used); possibility of filling also for FALL, without the use of a pump.

Model Power Connection Weight Dimension Capacity 5 lt/h Capacity 10 lt/h Capacity 20 lt/h
BB12 220V 50/60Hz Diam 20/25 mm 50 kg 740x900x720 mm 150 100 40
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