Peristaltic pumps with hopper

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The peristaltic pump, is the most professional solution for the cellar. The solution with integrated loading hopper is suitable for application with destemmed grape and fermented grape. The loading hopper is in stainless steel, with separate engine and transport wheels; the hopper is connected to the pump with a fitting DIN type. To being used in the filling of small containers (barrels), also this version comes with two compensation chamber and pressure automatic sensor. The engine is controlled by an electronic inverter, standard supplied with a remote radio control, which can handle the speed and rotation of the pump.

Model Engine Production with liquid Weight Dimension Connection Max production with destemmed grape Giri alberi Pressione
PP712 1,50+0,55 kw 70 hl/h 170 kg 1790x750x1016 mm DIN50 5000 kg/h 10-75 RPM 3 bar
PP713 3,00+0,55 kw 120 hl/h 260 kg 2100x750x1186 mm DIN65 9000 kg/h 10-75 RPM 3 bar
PP714 4,00+0,75 kw 200 hl/h 365 kg 2245x750x1377 mm DIN80 14000 kg/h 10-70 RPM 3 bar
PP715 5,50+0,75 kw 2300 hl/h 405 kg 2332x750x1430 mm DIN80 2000 kg/h 10-70 RPM 3 bar
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