Elliptical rotor pump

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Stainless steel elliptical rotor pump. Equipped with a large loading hopper, it is suitable for pumping whole grapes, destemmed, fermented marc. Grapes are transferred by pressure and not by centrifugal force, avoiding the crushing of the peels and the grapes seeds. The stainless steel trolley with anti-vibration system makes it easy to move and install the machine. As standard it is equipped with an outlet open cone, inclined hopper, and removable control panel. Available in two models: Gamma 80 and Gamma 180 with different performance and range. In cases where a prevalence and /or high discharge distance is required, it is advisable to install a compression vessel. As standard, the pumps are supplied with a connection fitting DIN 80 and 100, complete with stainless steel hose connection.


Engine kw

Capacity kg/h

Speed rpm


Unloading height

Unloading distance

Connection fitting

Gamma 80

2 (1,5)



100 kg

3 mt

10 mt

DIN 80

Gamma 180

5,5 (4)



230 kg

5 mt

30 mt

DIN 100

Gamma 180

7,5 (5,5)



240 kg

8 mt

40 mt

DIN 100

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