Combined filler

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, with 4 wheels. The storage tank is installed on the top of the filler and connected directly to a pasteurizer with a DIN 25 fitting. Electrical connection with a separate control panel.

The bottle filler and the bag in box filler are connected by 2 separate valves, with the possibility of using them together or separately.
Bottle filler: 4 filling heads diameter 15mm, removable for cleaning. Adjustable support for bottles or PET tools.

Bag in box filler: semi-automatic type model BB20, with induction liter counter in stainless steel. Filling system without gravitation. Volumetric pump 1,1 KW with flexible EPDM impeller. PLC for cycle setting, parameters, cleaning. Vacuum and nitrogen injection included in the cycle. Silenced air compressor.

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