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Filling Bag In Box Bb50

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SIMPLICITY: the fill cycle can be programmed both in semi-automatic mode with manual loading of a single bag, and completely automatic with continuous loading of the bags. The machine performs all procedures of opening, closing, vacuum, saturation with inert gas, and filling. The operator only has to separate the filled bags from  the filling bags. The touch screen control panel allows you to manage the machine swiftly, both in filling operations and in washing and sanitizing operations. The height adjustment of the worktop is motorized. The machine is provided with 4 wheels for easy handling and with 4 supporting legs to be applied during machining.

PRECISION: the control panel allows you to manage all the filling stages by adapting the machine to any type of treated liquid (wine, fruit juice, oil, water, creams, etc.). AUTOTUNING function allows automatic calibration of the machine, eliminating the need for countless sampling. Repeatability of volumes with error of ± 5cl.

SPEED: all operations performed automatically by the filler are set by the operator based on your needs: vacuum time, gas injection times, fill speed, opening and closing speed of the bag. As standard, the machine is equipped with a 9500 lt/h volumetric rubber impeller pump and adjustable inverter.

SAFETY AND CLEANING: total protection in the use of the machinery by the provision of safety barriers. The machine can be sanitized with a CIP circuit through the special stainless steel faucet and the automatic program. In addition, as standard, the machine is supplied with high temperature kit for 110°C steam sanification. Anti-drip total closing system ensures no liquid leaks at the end of filling.

RELIABILITY: it is possible to verify the operation of the individual components remotely, ensuring rapid repair; Use of pneumatic and reliable electronic components, always available at our warehouses.

OTHER BENEFITS: large support base designed to allow filling both in automatic and semi-automatic mode. Self-priming volumetric pumps with full drainage circuit; stainless steel flow meter; wide 7”; oiless filter for air circuit; stainless steel roller support base; multilingual programming (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Croatian); stainless steel control panel.

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