Jolly 40 MV is particularly suitable for micro cellars which realize high quality productions.

Destemmer-crusher completely in stainless steel without transfer pump. The destemming basket is professional with anti-laceration surface finish.

The large loading hopper is equipped with a dosing screw, which on request can be supplied with a protective rubber coating.

The destemmer shaft is built with large rubber-coated palettes. The roller unit can be completely removed from the machine body to perform only the destemming. It is also equipped with a handwheel for adjusting the level of pressing.

The machine is supplied as standard with a collection tank for the must, equipped with a central mixing screw and double lateral connection for connecting an external pump. The collection tank is removable, making it possible to install pumps equipped with a loading hopper (for example our Gamma 80).

For cleaning it is possible to remove the internal basket, open the machine centrally, remove both the roller unit and the collection tank.


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