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Filling Bag In Box BB30

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SIMPLICITY: the filling cycle is completely automatic: the machinery performs all the operations of opening, closing, vacuum, saturation with inert gas, filling. The operator only has to place the bag and check the progress of the various operations. The SIEMENS touch screen control panel allows the machine to be managed in a few moments both in filling operations and in washing and sanitizing operations. The standard equipment of volumetric self-priming pumps makes the machine easy to install in any position


PRECISION: the control panel equipped with SIEMENS PLC allows to manage all the filling phases, adapting the machinery to any type of treated liquid (wine, fruit juices, oil, water, creams, etc.). The AUTOTUNING function allows automatic calibration of the machine, eliminating the need for sampling. Repeatability of volumes with error of ± 0.5 / 0.2%. Possibility of installing electromagnetic or induction flow sensors


SPEED: all the operations performed automatically by the filler are set by the operator on the basis of his own needs: vacuum time, gas injection times, filling speed, bag opening and closing speed. The possibility to choose between two types of pumps with different flow rates and to install a speed variator allows to easily reach all the desired capacity objectives.


SAFETY AND CLEANING: total protection in the use of machinery with the presence of safety barriers and travel buttons. The machine can be sanitized with a CIP circuit using the special stainless steel tap and the automatic program. In addition, the version with 110 ° C high temperature steam sanitization kit is available. The drip-free total closure valve ensures that liquids escape at the end of filling. The filling system in SEMI-SEPARATE, in addition to making the start-up of the machine very fast, reduces the risk of contamination of the filled products to a minimum. Possibility to install 10 “or 30” housing filter, to have a security of fine sterilization and elimination of any solid residues inside the bags.


RELIABILITY: Use of electrical and pneumatic components of leading brands, always available in our warehouses; possibility of checking the operation of the individual components remotely, ensuring rapid repair work.


OTHER ADVANTAGES: large support surface with sliding rollers and adjustable support for cardboard box; drip tray with total drain; use of self-priming volumetric pumps with total discharge valves; stainless steel adapter for quick bag insertion; 7 “display; oiless filter for air circuit; multilingual programming (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian); stainless control panel.

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