Filling Bag In Box BB10

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Manual filling for bag in box, made entirely in stainless steel AISI 304 with 4 adjustable fit for installation on a support desk, dose not requires air and electrical supplies.

The machine is designed to perform an easy fill of small quantity bags or any type of container (compatible with the filling gun). It is equipped with a digital flow meter ENO 24 with calibration of fill; support plate for bags, adjustable in height; filling gun in stainless steel; closing lever faucet. uitable to fill the filtered liquids such as WINE and JUICE.

The filling can be done by gravity or with pumps compatible with the flow sensor.

Model Connection Capacity 10 lt/h Weight Dimension
Primo kit diam. 20 mm 50 5 kg 300x150x200 mm
BB10 diam. 20 mm 50 25 kg 600x600x700 mm
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