Centrifugal pumps ENOS

Centrifugal electric pump CERTIFIED FOR FOOD USE, made with impeller and body in AISI 304 stainless steel casting. It is particularly suitable for use with food-grade liquids (wine, milk, oil, fruit juices, …) and hot liquids (beer ).

Equipped with mechanical seal in EPDM and rotation inverter, it allows the transfer of liquids without suspended parts. The particular technology used allows suction even in the presence of discontinuous liquids.


As standard all models are supplied with a special lifting handle and stainless steel hose connectors. The motorizations available are: single-phase 220V 50 / 60hz; three-phase 380V 50hz; single phase 110V 60hz. All the motors used are CE manufactured 100% in Italy.


The available versions are the following:

Code Model Power RPM Capacity l/h Fitting Speed Dimension Weight
9202 ENOS 20 KW 0,33 MT/TF 2800 1680 20×3/4″ 1 300x230x170 mm 4,8 kg
9204 ENOS 25 KW 0,35 MT/TF 1400 2520 25×1″ 1 320x240x170 mm 7 kg
9206 ENOS 30 KW 0,88 MT/TF 1400 3900 30×1,1/4″ 1 350x240x210 mm 10 kg
9210 ENOS 40 KW 0,88 MT/TF 1400 5300 40×1,1/2″ 1 360x240x220 mm 11 kg
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