Monoblock semiautomatic filling and corking

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Semi-manual filling and corking monoblock adjustable according to customer needs. The system consists of an AISI 304 stainless steel desk on wheels with a length of 1400 or 2000mm; bottle filler available in both gravity and vacuum versions; corking system for cork caps (both in the pneumatic and motorized versions), screw caps, crown caps.
The system can be integrated with dosing pumps, carton filters, electric compressor.
Characteristics of cork caps system: diameter of the caps 22-26mm, maximum caps height 50mm, bottle height max 375mm.
Characteristics of screw caps system: smooth non-pre-threaded capsules, diameter 31.5 height 24, bottle max height 340mm.
Characteristics of crown caps system: caps diameter 26mm, max bottle diameter 195mm, bottle height max. 375mm.

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