Mono Pump for Liquid

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The transfer of the liquid is through the action of the stainless steel rotor inside the rubber stator.

The delicacy with which you get the transfer allows to use the pump with all the kind of liquid.

Pressure reached (6 bar) allows high prevalence.

Available in the version one speed or with frequency inverter.

Bypass valve is an optional.



Engine Hp (kw) Hourly production Shaft speed Connection fitting Dimension Weight
GAMMA M15 1,5 (1,1) 1500 Lt / h 1400 rpm DIN 50 775x1000x400 mm 22 Kg


2 (1,5) 4000 Lt / h 900 rpm DIN 50 775x1245x440 mm 32 Kg
GAMMA M100 4 (3) 10000 Lt / h 490 rpm DIN 50 500x1650x640 mm 81 Kg
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