JOLLY 60-100-150 REVERSE

Destemmer crusher ideal for quality winery , by hand or automatically harvest with the possibility to be integrated in any selection line . The crusher is made with soft rubber rollers adjustable , removable , and with independent engine. Destemming basket diameter 400mm and length 1250mm , made professional type antilaceration system . The basket is equipped with the exclusive system of rubber driven.

Telescopic legs with adjustable height from 1530 to 1930mm. Loading hopper with independent engine, equipped with a filter for extracting liquid.

Opening system front side, and disassembly machinery without the need of any tool. Washing systems integrated.

The standard JOLLY 60-100-150 REVERSE is equipped with 3 engines: an electronic speed control for destemmer shaft and the basket, a variable speed motor for the loading hopper, a motor for the crusher unit.


  • Centrifuge professional basket, no laceration type
  • Adjustable and removable rubber roller, with motor HP 1,5
  • Rubber profile screw welded on the basket
  • Loading hopper with gear speed variator KW 0,37
  • Electronic speed variator kw 2,2, for the shaft and the basket
  • Destemmer shaft with adjustable rubber tips
  • Automatic cleaning system inside the machine (available for Jolly 60 Reverse)
  • Filter for liquid inside the loading hopper
  • Telescopic legs
  • Backside opening for removing shaft and basket
  • Back cover in stainless steel
  • Inox control panel
Model Power HP (Kw) Hourly Production Shaft Speed Ø Basket Dimension Weight
Jolly 60 4,5 (3,2) 4000-6000 kg/h 350-650 RPM 300 mm 2010x830x1340 mm 160 kg
Jolly 100 5,5 (4) 7000-12000 kg/h 350-650 RPM 400 mm 2600x1050x1530/1930 mm 240 kg
Jolly 150 6 (4,5) 12000-17000 kg/h 350-650 RPM 500 mm 2880x1220x1550/1950 mm 380 kg

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