Filler bag in box BB40

BB40 automatic filling machine designed for filling single or continuous bags; it is designed for filling food liquids (wine, oil, fruit juices), viscous liquids (creams, sauces), industrial liquids (lubricants, soaps).
It allows applications from ambient temperatures up to 100 ° C.

The machine is built entirely in stainless steel with a large roller surface for the sliding of the bags (extendable in the case of volumes from 10-20 liters) and four wheels for handling and installation. The filling cycle includes: opening, dosing, vacuum, nitrogen, closing. The operator supervises the cycle and separates the filled containers from those being filled.

The standard use of self-priming pumps with rubber impeller and regulating inverter guarantees ease and speed of starting the machine, constant flow, delicacy in the transfer of the liquid. Possibility of equipping the filler with various alternative types of pumps or automatic systems with isobaric lungs.

The standard use of pneumatic extraction pliers allows precision and reliability in opening and closing operations, as well as simplification to replace the type of cap used.

PRECISION: the control panel equipped with SIEMENS PLC allows you to manage all the filling phases, adapting the machine to any type of liquid treated (wine, oil, juices, creams …). Possibility of filling with automatic, manual or step by step cycle. Three different levels of calibration, micro-error, macro-error, autotuning. Repeatability of volumes with error -0.2%.

SAFETY AND CLEANING: total protection in the use of the machinery with the presence of safety barriers and start buttons. The machine is equipped with automatic programs to sanitize both with detergents and with 110C ° steam (requires the appropriate kit). A stainless steel tap is supplied as standard for the CIP washing circuit. The anti-drop total closure valve guarantees against the escape of liquids at the end of the filling. The VACUUM filling system (lower container closure system), in addition to minimizing the risk of contamination of the filled products, facilitates installation and format change, avoiding the adjustment of the filling head height. Possibility to install 10 “or 30” housing filter (separate from the machine body), to have a final sterilization safety before filling.

RELIABILITY: use of standard SIEMENS electrical components, induction sensors in stainless steel, laser optics for filling caps, pneumatic components of leading brands guarantee a high quality product, suitable for continuous use.

OTHER ADVANTAGES: possibility of remote control control, transport roller conveyor for containers, predisposition for INDUSTRY 4.0, support for cardboard boxes, multilingual programming, air filtration kit, 24 l silenced oiless compressor, electrical and pneumatic panel with separate lighting, container filling preparation POUCH.


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