Filler bag in box BB40


BB40 automatic filling machine designed for use with both belt bags and single bags.

The machine is equipped with SIEMENS PLC control, 9500 l/h volumetric pump, induction liter counter, 1.2 meter steel roller conveyor.
The automatic cycle allows the bags to be loaded, opened, air extracted, filled, saturated with nitrogen, capped.
The equipment of a vacuum filling system guarantees immediate start-up of the machinery, reducing the machine start-up times, and guarantees greater inalterability of the filled liquid.

Ready as standard for filling hot liquids up to 100 °C, both filtered and with solids in suspension.
As standard, sanitation can be set with detergent liquids or steam at 120 °C, all managed automatically by the PLC.

Filling capacity from 1 to 20 liters, also in the Pouch format.

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