Fluida filler MVE

FLUIDA MVE is an electronic filler designed for the dosage of viscous and non-food viscous liquids, and in particular of OLIVE OIL, CREAMS, JAMS, SOAP, INDUSTRIAL DETERGENTS.

It is a perfect solution for all semiautomatic filling needs of products in containers of any material (Glass, Aluminum, PVC) from 100ml up to a maximum of 5 liters (on request we can reach 30 liters), and bag in box until 5 lt.

SIMPLICITY: the machinery is delivered ready for use. Filling is completely automatic: autotare, machine start, slow down, stop. The operator must select the preset recipe simply by turning the appropriate selector, adjust the height of the filling head to the type of container used, and press start. The filling speed can be changed at any time using the appropriate potentiometer. The filling takes place through the use of a self-priming volumetric pump with rubber impeller available in the 1000-liter and 4500-liter versions (equipped with a bypass to reduce the pressure).

The dedicated multirange electronics allows optimal management of the fills of small and large containers. The main functions that can be activated and activated on the machine are:

  • Autotare when filling starts
  • Verifying full container at start of filling, to avoid spilling product
  • Lento, with speed reduction at the end of filling: it is the function that guarantees perfect levels inside the containers
  • Volo, with calculation of the liquid leaking when the solenoid valve closes
  • Graphic display of the filling in progress
  • Totalizer management of the product dispensed or to be dispensed
  • Metric approval

PRECISION AND SPEED: the standard equipment of an electronic speed variator guarantees the possibility of adapting the machinery to the container used and obtaining a repeatability of ± 3gr. The two types of pumps used allow the best choice between speed of use and type of container used. Two drip-free filling spouts are supplied as standard for small or large containers. The 9006 model is made with a special full-passage pneumatic head, which allows the use of the machinery in filling semi-solid products, such as jams, purées, creams.

HYGIENE: Complete emptying of all pipes with the possibility of sanitizing the circuit with chemical detergents or with steam at 110 ° C.

OTHER ADVANTAGES: PULSER button for manual dispensing of the product; hot fills up to 100 C °, structure entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel with four wheels with locking brake; filling head adjustment with upper handwheel; hoses in certified food rubber for food use and use at high temperature; shut-off filter available on request; stainless steel counter with customizable dimensions.

Available options: Kit for filling bags in box of 3 and 5 liters, with cap opening and closing system; manual valve for nitrogen injection inside the container; 30kg weighing platform; customizable support trolleys; silenced oiless compressor installed on the machine.


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