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Stainless steel pasteurizer for fruit juices and low viscosity liquids, with integrated diesel burner. The exchange system is via a koax pipe, immersed inside a tank with heated water. The automatic control system allows to set a water temperature and check the liquid exit temperature.

Most of the bacteria subjected to high temperature are deactivated, allowing a longer lasting conservation to the liquid. A bypass circuit returns the product to the interior of the exchanger if the exit temperature is not the required one, or if an external signal opens the return valve (e.g. filler float). The plant is equipped with an EPDM rubber impeller pump, a diesel burner, a steel support platform and a control panel to set the temperature.


Model Hourly capacity Diesel consumption Burner capacity Electricity supply Electric power Juice entry Juice exit Dimension
450 LT/H 450 lt/h, 80°C 4,5kg/h 44,3 Kw 230V/50SF 0,37 Kw DIN 25 DIN 20 1200X1000X1600 mm
800 LT/H 800 lt/h, 80°C 8 kg/h 95 Kw 230V/50SF 1 Kw DIN 25 DIN 25 2050x750x1170 mm


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