Destoner pulper

Destoner pulper

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Destoner completely made in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable for small productions. The machine makes a complete separation of the pulp from the inner stone and at the same time exerts a crushing of the fruit, creating a final product suitable for fermentation, fruit juices (making multiple processing) and jams. The possibility of installing screens of various holes allows the use of machinery with multiple product types, and in particular: cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, olives (to extract the pulp). Furthermore, the possibility to adjust the inner blades allows to detect always the most efficient for processing fruit. In the case of large fruit are provided specific applications.

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 ModelEngine HP (Kw) Alimentation  Stone unloading heightJuice unloading heightLoading height Capacity Dimension Weight
 DELTA ZERO 1,5 (1,1) Single-phase/  Three-phase 400 mm300 mm 1300 mm 550 kg/h 1100x650x1300 mm 80 kg
 DELTA 1 4 (3) Three-phase 480 mm370 mm 1420 mm1200 kg/h1400x700x1420 mm 150 kg
 DELTA 2 5,5 (4)Three-phase480 mm 370 mm1620 mm2000 kg/h1800x850x165 mm 250 kg