JOLLY REVERSE with vibrating sorting table

Destemmer crusher ideal for quality winery , by hand or automatically harvest with the possibility to be integrated in any selection line . The crusher is made with soft rubber rollers adjustable , removable , and with independent engine. Destemming basket diameter 400mm and length 1250mm , made professional type antilaceration system . The basket is equipped with the exclusive system of rubber driven.

built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel, it is composed of two separate de-stemming and selection modules, connected by the height-adjustable support frame.
• The destemmer-crusher is equipped with a loading hopper with a dosing screw operated by a speed variator. The hopper is equipped with a filter for liquid extraction and a DIN 50 extraction fitting.
The de-stemming basket  with a diameter of 300mm is made entirely of deep-drawn stainless steel, with an anti-tearing system for the stalks. Standard drilling diameter 24, on request available from 18 to 32. Grape drive rubber screw installed as standard on the destemming net. Internal shaft with adjustable cylinders arranged in a double helix. The destemmer is installed on a stainless steel support frame, with telescopic legs to allow the installation of the selection unit.
• Vibrating sorting table, built entirely in stainless steel, equipped with double lateral waste channels, and perforated grid with collection tank. It allows a correct distribution of the de-stemmed beans to facilitate the manual sorting and selection operations. The structure is equipped with telescopic legs, to allow easy installation of pressing units and / or collection pumps at the end of the line.

– Loading hopper with central screw with rounded profile dimensions 770X580 mm
– Liquid discharge connection on loading hopper and selection collection tank, DIN 50.
– Destemming basket diameter 300, 24mm circular holes
– Maximum loading height from the ground 1950 mm (max height without box)
– Vibrating table length 3000mm.

Motorization: There are two separate control panels.1. The destemmer is equipped with an independent motovariator to adjust the loading capacity of the hopper. Power 0.5 KW. The de-stemming unit is equipped with a 1.8 kw electronic speed variator with external potentiometer and rpm display. Rotation speed: variable from 400-650 rpm2. The selection unit is a 1.1 KW electronic speed variator, which manages the two vibrating modules positioned on the frame.

Cleaning: the machine body can be opened centrally with double side doors. The motor unit can be opened by means of two gas pistons and allows rapid extraction of both the shaft and the de-stemming net. The collection tank of the selection group can be easily removed and sanitized. All the parts subject to greater effort and rotation are equipped with quick lubrication couplings.

Equipment: stainless steel adjustment key and stainless steel accident prevention overhang.


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