Universal Mixer

Universal Mixer side to attack, it is based on a shaft and retractable on folding propeller with automatic opening.

This solution allows the installation and disassembly of the machine directly on full tanks through valves, full bore, without loss of liquid and without the use of tools.

The connection fitting to the tank valve can be made on customer specifications, (garolla DIN 11851, TRICLOVER …) as well as the type of mechanical seal is installed (standard steel / graphite).

All parts in contact with the liquid are made of stainless steel AISI 304.

0.75 kw power, speed 1400 RPM

Three phase power supply 380V 50Hz max 20000 lt

Rod length 650 mm

Width 155 mm propeller

OPTIONAL: stainless steel trolley with adjustable height ( 450 mm to 850 mm), or fixed support.


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