Jolly 60 NS

Innovative sorting system directly through the destemmer by removing the loading screw: it reduces laceration and squeezing of the stalks due to the rotation of the screw, and it is available a selection plan of 2500 mm, driven by a variable speed, and equipped with a loading hopper. The tape of selection is independent in the regulation of speed from the destemmer, and is completely removable from the machine thanks to a frame on castors.


  • Capacity 4000-6000 kg / h
  • Motor HP 3 with electronic speed variator
  • Mechanical speed variator 0,75kw
  • Rubber rollers adjustable and excluded
  • Basket in stainless steel, professional type anti-laceration
  • Destemming shaft with rubber tips (cylinder type on demand)
  • Collection tank with mixer screw
Model Engine (Kw) Hourly production Destemming speed Diam. basket Pump fitting Dimension Weight Loading hopper
391+008 4 (3) 4000-6000 Kg / h 400-600 RPM 300 mm 60-80 4230x840x1470 mm 300 Kg 825×650 mm
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