Jolly 100 MV

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Destemmer crusher ideal for quality winery, by hand or automatically harvest without transfer pump. Destemming basket diameter 400mm, made professional type antilaceration system. The basket is equipped with the exclusive system of rubber  driven.

Destemming shaft is provided with rubber tips (type with cylinder on demand). The crushing unit is composed of two rubber rollers, adjustable and excluded. Mechanical speed variator. Loading hopper with filter for liquid extraction. Collection tank install on 4 wheels, with mixing screw and connection fitting for pump, available with or without motor. As alternative can be installed any must pump , like Gamma M120 or Gamma 180.

Features JOLLY 100 MV:

  • Capacity 7000-12000 kg / h
  • Motor speed variator HP 3
  • Rubber rollers adjustable and excluded
  • Basket in stainless steel, professional type anti-laceration
  • Destemming shaft with rubber tips (cylinder type on demand)
  • Collection tank with mixer screw (on demand with motor HP 1)
ModelPower HP (Kw) Hourly ProductionShaft SpeedØ BasketDimensionWeight
Jolly 100 MV3 (2,2)7000-12000 Kg / h400-600 RPM400 mm2250x1050x1400 mm240 Kg