Dispenser bulk wine

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Automatic system studied for installations in shop of bulk products (eg vinerie). The system include a volumetric pump EURO 20, a non-return valve in stainless steel, an accumulation tank in stainless steel, an automatic pressure switch. This machine is connected directly to the drain valve of the tank (installed on the tank itself, or on a stainless steel trolley), and allows to reach constant pressure, maximum distances of 20 meters and a height difference of 10 meters. The presence of a tank and an adjustable pressure, ensures the output pressure is optimal for filling large containers (damegians) and small bottles. Appropriate safety valves allow the removal of air inside the circuit, avoid foam problem in supply. The system is provided with DIN fittings, for complete and easy cleaning of both the fittings that lung accumulation. For better accuracy in filling containers of less than 5 liters is possible to equip the pump gear spins. Available with singlepahse and three phase motors.

Model Engine (Kw) Capacity Dimension Weight
9350 0,36 1000 lt 240x300x430 mm 20 kg
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