Manual crushers

Manual crushers with central agitator (except the Microeno) . Available with aluminum rollers (standard), nylon or food grade rubber. The support with central spring allows adjustment of the degree of crushing, both guarantees the integrity of the rollers and gears. They are available in the following versions: in enamelled sheet; with hopper and stirrer in stainless steel; completely in stainless steel. The central agitator is available with paddle.

The machinery is supplied individually packed in a cardboard box, to avoid damage during transport.


Model Hourly production Hopper Rollers Lenght Dimension Weight
MICROENO 200-450 Kg / h 555×455 mm 150 mm 860x365x470 mm 14 kg
MINIENO 300-500 Kg / h 650×470 mm 220 mm 1000x390x490 mm 18 kg
ENO 1 500-700 Kg / h 850×560 mm 220 mm 1210x580x350 mm 22 kg
ENO 2 600-800 Kg / h 1000×630 mm 280 mm 1210x620x400 mm 29 kg
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