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Impeller pumps rubber coaxial EURO

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Volumetric pumps in stainless steel AISI 304 with rubber impeller, applied directly to the electric motor, and seal chamber separate by the motor flange. All pumps are available without switch or with invertor. Single-phase models are supplied with an electric motor on board and start capacitor to ensure trouble-free operation at the start and in the change of direction. On three phase models the control panel is available standard on board of the motor, or with a CE type, with timer, dry-stop, 24V output, remote control.

The stainless steel trolley is available on all models.

The models available are the following:


ModelEngineHpSpeedRpmCapacity lt/hDimensionWeight
EURO 20MF0,5 (0,37)19001000800x310x470Kg 15
EURO 20TF0,5 (0,37)19001000800x310x470Kg 15
EURO 30TF1,5 (1,2)19004500800x310x470Kg 19
EURO 30MF1,5 (1,2)19004500800x310x470Kg 19
EURO 40TF2 (1,5)19009300800x310x470Kg 21
EURO 40MF2 (1,5)19009300800x310x470Kg 21
EURO 40TF1,5 (1,2)17007200800x310x470Kg 23
EURO 50TF2 (1,5)170010200900x360x530Kg 27
EURO 60TF3 (2,2)170021000900x360x530

Kg 35

EURO 80TF5,5 (4)1600500001020x590x900Kg 85