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Filling Bag In Box BB20

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SIMPLICITY: the machine automatically performs the fill cycle: vacuum; filling; arrest; nitrogen injection. The operator selects the format and drives the filling head and the pincer, following on the display the performance of the various phases. To change the format is immediate: it only needs to type the desired capacity. The possibility to choose between different types of flow sensors ensure the optimal use of the machinery in applications such as WINE, FRUIT JUICE, OIL, CREAM, CREAM, ETC.
ACCURACY: the electronic panel allows the control and management of all stages of filling, ensuring repeatability of volumes filled with an error of ± 5cl. Possibility of 3 different types of regulation AUTOTUNING, macroerrore (pulses / liter), microerrore (addition or subtraction of cl).

HYGIENE: use of the fill valve closing total drip; complete emptying of the pipes and CIP washing circuit with an inox fitting and a dedicated program. Possibility of sterilization with steam at 110 °C using the kit for high temperatures. On request it is possible to install housing filters for sanitation or provide connections to an external filter.

OVERALL: the machine contains within all the elements needed: self-priming pump 4500 lt/h, compressor oiless (optional silence type), flow sensor of various types. It is sufficient electrical connection for operation. Furthermore, the use of self-priming pump and chassis on wheels allows for installation in any place , even far from the liquid storage.

OTHER BENEFITS: structure and mechanical components in stainless steel AISI 304; height adjustment of the filling head thanks to an external handwheel; ability to request adapters for many types of faucets and bags (PUOCH, BERKER, QCS, QCD, etc.); sloped desk to facilitate handling of the bags and cleaning; multi language display (Italian, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Croatian); support for cardboard boxes adjustable in height; adjustable adapter for insertion bags inside the boxes; transport frame for horizontal transport; pneumatic and electronics components always available for immediate assistance 24/48h.

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