Selection Table

Sorting table completely in stainless steel AISI 304, with belt made in Transilon foodstuff, width 600mm/800 mm. Stainless steel frame with telescopic legs and wheels with locking brake. Hopper for product discharge (optional) and two channels of selection. Mechanical speed variator and panel control with emergency stop. The tape selection is available in the following lengths: 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000 mm; widths are 600mm or 800mm.

Installed power 0.75 kw

Capacity 2-10 ton / h

Model Internal wide Table height Dimension type 2500 Dimension type 3000 Dimension type 3500 Dimension type 4000 Capacity
NC 600 mm 400 1080-1180 mmN 2700x1000x1150 mm 230 Kg 3200x1000x1150 mm
250 Kg
3700x1000x1150 mm
270 Kg
4200x1000x1150 mm
290 Kg
2-10 Ton / h
NC 800 mm 600 1080-1180 mm 2700x1200x1150 mm 250 Kg 3200x1200x1150 mm
270 Kg
3700x1200x1150 mm
290 Kg
4200x1200x1150 mm
310 Kg
2-10 Ton / h
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