Destemmer-crusher with centrifugal basket completely in stainless steel, without transfer pump.

The machine is equipped with a large loading hopper with a central product dosage screw. On request, the screw can be supplied with a protective rubber coating.

The destemming basket is in stainless steel with a diameter of 300mm, complete with transmissions in stainless steel and not in plastic. On request the drilling of the basket can be made with diameters from 18 to 32 mm (the standard is 24mm).

The surface finish is made with an anti-laceration system, which makes the external edges delicate, eliminating the cutting problems typical of sheet metal baskets. In addition, the basket is equipped with the exclusive “soft dragging” rubber system: it allows both the delicate transfer of the destemmed grapes to the roller unit, and an effective processing in the case of dry or dehydrated grapes.

The pressing is carried out by means of rounded profile rubber rollers. The roller unit is adjustable in the intensity of the processing, and can be easily excluded thanks to the sliding bar on bearings.

The destemmer shaft is supplied with large rubber-coated blades as standard. On request it is possible to install the shaft with adjustable rubber cylinders, arranged with a double helix.

The rotation speed is variable by means of the control panel equipped as standard with electronic inverter. The control panel is designed with quick connectors and removable brackets, to facilitate removal during washing operations.

The collection tank is equipped with a central mixing screw and double lateral connection for the pump. It is also mounted on 4 wheels to facilitate installation and removal. As an alternative to the collection tank, it is possible to install any pomace pump, such as Gamma M100 or Gamma 80.

For cleaning, the machine can be opened centrally, with the removal of both the basket and the destemmer shaft; the machine body is free of stagnation points for processing waste; the roller unit can be opened and easily reached.

Ideal for medium and small cellars, it adapts well to any type of grape variety and level of ripeness of the grapes.


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