The principle on which is based the distiller is to use the vapor stream. The plant should be connected to a steam generator flowing, the particular coil at the bottom of the high boiler, allows for its form a homogeneous diffusion to drugs placed in the drum, realizing an extraction by leaching of the aromatic substances contained within the vacuoles herbs.

The boiler of our distiller has a total insulation of its surface, including the bottom, coated stainless steel to allow all the operations suitable for the
job management, and especially the cleaning.

  • Manhole upper reinforced with closing hinges, insulated, complete with bimetallic thermometer, safety valve for excess pressure output to the swan neck.
  • Throat insulated, until the descending curve, so as to direct the vapors formed towards the exchangers.
  • Exchangers or condensers: we have a first module that serves to manage the flowing steam, the second module condensation has a series of bodies to be stainless steel in countercurrent of cold water. For special operations distillations can supply heat exchangers also differ depending on the drugs to be distilled.

The distillation times vary greatly from herbs that we go to work, the structure of our device compact and fully insulated, allows us to have the start of distillation at relatively low temperatures to 85 C. In supplied on request we also for the Florentine vase the separation of aromatic waters from oils, in stainless steel. Distillers start at lt. 50 of the boiler, up to lt. 1,000. In versions small you may think that you have also direct flame for the distillation, which we do not recommend not to have a low quality of oil, given the possible firing of drugs, therefore we recommend the use of external boilers for steam production.

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