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Filling Bag In Box BB12

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SIMPLICITY: filling made in stainless steel with 4 adjustable feet, ready for installation on a support bench (on demand it is possible to provide a stainless steel trolley), it dose not requires air supply. It is the ideal solution for companies with small volumes production per year. The filling cycle is done automatically: Start, Fill; Stop. The operator selects the format and drive the filling head to open and close of the faucet, on the display following the cycle of the filling. A pulse valve allows manual injection of inert gas at the end of the cycle. Vacuum function is not provided. The possibility to choose between different types of flow sensors ensure the optimal use of the machinery in applications with filtered liquid such as WINE, FRUIT JUICE, OLIVE OIL. Possible use of hot liquids.
ACCURACY: the electronic panel allows the calibration of the instrument with a repeatability of volumes filled with an error of ± 5/10cl (depends on the instrument used).

HYGIENE: use of the fill valve closing total drip; complete emptying of the pipes connected with sanitary clamp, easy opening; CIP circuit washing with tap supplied. Possibility of sterilization with steam at 110 °C using the kit for high temperatures.

OTHER ADVANTAGES: support surface tiltable and removable with the possibility of filling rigid cans (for example PET, aluminum, glass) with rectangular shape, and circular (maximum diameter 85mm); ability to request adapters for many types of caps and bags (PUOCH, BERKER, CSF, QCD, etc.); can be connected to any type of external pump singlephase (within the capability of the flow sensor); possibility to fill for FALL, without the use of a pump.