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Gravity Filling R6A

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Gravity filling completely made in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable for filling alimentary liquid  such as wine, olive oil, beer. It is equipped with heads fully adjustable and removable for fast and thorough cleaning. On the demand the filling heads are available for bottle opening diameter 60mm and height level 120mm. The machine is available in trolley version with four wheels. Level sensor available in mechanical version, made entirely in stainless steel, both in the electronic version, including a control panel to control external pump. All models are supplied with stainless steel valves, bottle height adjustable supports, level marker, provision for filter installation (only on models in the high version). On request it is possible to equip the machine with filling pump (model Enos 20 in stainless steel/ EURO 20 with rubber impeller) and filter boxes of 20×20 steel frame.

  • Available nitrogen saturation valve inside the bottle before filling. Easy to use, only requires connection with a nitrogen container. Adaptable on any container. To watch the video of the valve, please click here and then click on “Valve for nitrogen injection”.

For the video of automatic sanification system of filling heads, please click here and then click on “Gravity filling”.


To watch the video of the product, please click here and then click on “Gravity filling”.

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