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The current ENOITALIA company was originally founded in the 1960’s under the name OFFICINA ARNO. At the time, the workshop focused on building mechanical machines intended for receiving harvest wagons in which the grapes were processed with traditional destemmers and presses.
Over the years, the “Officine Arno” company, attentive to technologies and innovative with respect to the changing needs of the wine market, perfected, with innovations and patents, its production. This has led to an expansion in the selection of machines
offered, characterised by specific and diverse functions. In addition to its ingenuity, the company designed and created pumps, filling machines and transport systems, which helped transform the artisanal vision of the workshop into an industrial company characterised by ongoing development. In 1988, Officine Arno was officially transformed into ENOITALIA srl, with numerous patented products to its name (grape harvesting wagons, centrifugal pumps, stemmer-crushers, the Extravelvet system), which found great success and have been widely used in the wine market.

la nostra storia
The professionalism and expertise acquired over the years, in addition to the application of innovative equipment and technologies, today allow ENOITALIA srl to carry out every phase of production, offering exclusive Italian machinery and manufacturing products, with a quality recognised in every market sector.
ENOITALIA srl is active in over 35 countries, with an extensive and efficient sales network, focused on ensuring consistent service and quality, exclusively Made in Italy.
In 2007 the founding members of ENOITALIA srl participated in the creation of a new company, ENOTOSCANA srl, specialized in the construction of stainless steel tanks.
From the collaboration between the two companies, in 2018 a new division dedicated to the beer sector was born: ENOBEER srl.
Professionalism, expertise, service and competitiveness: these are the strengths of the ENOITALIA Group, elements that continue to ensure the growth of the company and the appreciation of its customers.

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