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Rubber impeller pumps with inverter EURO MVE

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Self-priming pump made in stainless steel AISI 304, connected to an electronic system equipped with a frequency INVERTER, that allows to change the speed of the pump from 0 to 1000 revolutions/minute (default maximum speed is set to 780rpm). The electrical panel is provided separate from the motor, which is connected with connectors , to ensure the security of electronic components and facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Standard on all models are provided with a cord remote control  15 meters, with the possibility of change the speed, change the rotation and off the pump.

The unique feature of our pumps is the use of electric motors selfventileted: allows the pump to stop at 0 rpm, allows prolonged use at low speeds, without overheating and breakage to the electric motor, and without the need to equip the machine for further mechanical reduction systems.

On request we can provide the trolley with pneumatic wheels.

Options available:

  • Radio control from 150mt
  • Dry protection, with a mechanical sensor
  • 24V output for connection to external pressure or level sensors
  • compensation tank in stainless steel complete with non-return valve
  • Timer programming
  • Stainless steel control panel


EngineInverter HPRPMCapacity lt/hDimension



TF1,5 KW0 → 1000*0 → 5200740x400x650 mmkg 32


MF1,5 KW0 → 1000*1 → 5200740x400x650 mm

kg 32


TF2 KW0 → 1000*0 → 11100740x400x650 mm

kg 36

EURO 40MF2 KW0 → 1000*1 → 11100740x400x650 mm

kg 36


TF4 KW0 → 1000*0 → 14500740x400x650 mm

kg 48


MF4 KW0 → 1000*0 → 145001020x560x900 mmkg 48


TF4 KW0 → 1000*0 → 24000740x400x650 mm

kg 58

EURO 60MF4 KW0 → 1000*0 → 24000740x400x650 mm

kg 58

EURO 80TF4 KW150 → 6004000 → 50000740x400x650 mm

 kg 92

* valore di default: impostato su 780 rpm