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Press Gamma 11

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The pneumatic press lateral membrane GAMMA 11 is the ideal solution for getting top quality products in pressing both of freshly harvested grapes that fermented marc. Made entirely of stainless steel, with double central door for easy loading and unloading. The technology used allows to manage every stage of pressing. The plc software allows to use the machine in automatic, with 5 preset and 2 custom programs, and fully manual. Availability is the version with a perforated cylinder, and closed with canal.


  • Axial loading with ball valve stainless steel DN80
  • Door for maceration , with automatic programming
  • Collection tank with a conical floor, mounted on wheels and equipped with stainless steel grill on the discharge
  • Internal device for disintegration of the fermented mass
  • Cleaning system with complete openness and tilting door
  • Air compressor and double fan
  • Castors with locking brake
  • Extension legs for unloading by bins (optional)
  • Safety system with emergency stop
  • Capacity 4100 kg fermented grapes
  • Capacity 3000 kg destemmed grapes
  • Capacity 880 kg whole grapes
  • Power 3.7 kw
  • Dimensions 1270x2480x1590mm