Fluid MVE

Fluid MVE

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FLUID MVE is an electronic filler designed for dosing of liquid and viscous liquid as OLIVE OIL, HONEY, CREAM. It is a perfect solution for all needs a semiautomatic filling of food products in containers from 50ml up to a maximum of 10 liters.

SIMPLICITY: the machine is delivered ready to use. The filling is fully automatic: automatic tare, start machinery, slow, stop. The operator must select the preset formula by simply turning the selector, adjust the height of the filling head to the type of container used, and press start. The filling speed can be changed at any time using the appropriate potentiometer. The filling takes place through the use of a volumetric pump priming available in 1000 liter, and 4500 liters. The multi-range dedicated electronics allows optimal management of the fills of small and large containers. The main functions active and available are:

  • AUTOTARA the start of the filling
  • Check full container to start filling, to prevent product spills
  • Slow, reducing speed before filling
  • Flight, with calculation of fluid leaking to the closing of the solenoid valve
  • Graphic display of the fill
  • Managing totalizers of the product dispensed or to be dispensed
  • Metric omologation

ACCURACY AND SPEED: the electronic speed variator provides the ability to tailor the machine to the container used and obtain a repeatability of ± 3g. The two types of pumps used allow to choose the best between speed of use and type of container used. The machine is standard provides with two Becchelli dripless for small or large containers.

HYGIENE: complete emptying of all pipes with the possibility of sanitizing the system with chemical cleaners or steam at 110 °C.

OTHER BENEFITS: button PULSER to dispense product for tasting; frame completely in stainless steel AISI 304 with four wheels with locking brake; adjusting filling head with upper hand wheel; pipes in rubber certified for food use; filter intercepting available; stainless steel desk with customizable size; use of pumps manufactured by us with immediate availability of spare parts.