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Filling Bag In Box Bb50

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SIMPLICITY: the filling cycle is programmable both in semi-automatic mode with manual loading of the single bag, and completely automatic with continuous bag dragging. The machinery performs all the operations of opening, closing, vacuum, saturation with inert gas, filling. The operator must only provide for the separation of the filled bags from those being filled. The touch screen control panel allows the machine to be managed in a few moments both in filling operations and in washing and sanitizing operations. The height adjustment of the work surface is motorized. The machine is supplied with 4 wheels for easy handling and 4 support feet to be applied during processing.


PRECISION: the control panel with SIEMENS PLC allows to manage all the filling phases, adapting the machinery to any type of liquid treated (wine, fruit juices, oil, water, creams, etc.). The AUTOTUNING function allows automatic calibration of the machine, eliminating the need to perform countless samples. Repeatability of volumes with error of ± 0.5 / 0.2%


SPEED: all the operations performed automatically by the filler are set by the operator on the basis of his own needs: vacuum time, gas injection times, filling speed, bag opening and closing speed. The machine is supplied as standard with a 9500 lt / h volumetric rubber impeller pump and regulation inverter.


SAFETY AND CLEANING: total protection in the use of machinery with the provision of safety barriers. The machine can be sanitized with a CIP circuit using the special stainless steel tap and the automatic program. In addition to the series, the machine is supplied with a high temperature kit for steam sanitization 110 ° C. The total anti-drip closing system guarantees the escape of liquids at the end of the fillings.


RELIABILITY: the machine is supplied as standard with REMOTE REMOTE ASSISTANCE, with the possibility of checking the operation of the individual components, guaranteeing rapid repair work; use of reliable pneumatic and electronic components, always available in our warehouses.


OTHER ADVANTAGES: large support surface designed to allow both automatic and semi-automatic filling. Use of self-priming volumetric pumps with complete emptying circuit; flow meters in stainless steel; 7 “display; oiless filter for air circuit; stainless steel roller bearing surface; multilingual programming (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Croatian); stainless control panel.

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